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Ivica Todoric

A 67-year-old eweka was brought to the toadic court for deciding to hand over to Croatia at the end of October. Photo: Reuters

Prosecution is related to corruption, fraud, and identity theft

On November 7, 2018, 20:41,
Last Intervention: November 7, 2018 on 21:42
Zagreb – MMC RTV SO or Radio Slovenia

Former President of Agroor, CEO Evaico Todorick returned to London Wednesday night and returned to Croatia. The Jagvot authorities were alerted with caution.

Two weeks ago, the Totteniki High Court, Croatia had no interruptions to Todoric, and the financial fraud was on the agoracero.

"I can not do anything, still go to war." Prior to the London High Court verdict in Croatia, two weeks ago, former AcroCork CEO. He said.

Journalists could not deduct the Wednesday as both the Croatian and the British police were constantly protected. They first entered the aircraft and released the last. The police remedied the crime. Within 24 hours, Todorik should listen to the magistrate.

Aggonkor is accused of breaking 1 billion euros
Todoric is waiting for a hearing before the investigators and investigating judge. The accused should be produced before the court. Agrokor, Agortor, through that settlement process, handed out large borrowers, accuses the French prosecution scandal, culprits and black money with black money, an aggressive allegation damaged a billion euro.

A. V., Thana Borisk Bernard, Radio Slovenia

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