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  • He encountered the first great opportunities in the League under Bendix, but he did not even have small clashes
Josip Elliichic

Do not play on the red card on the PlayStation Iliasic Friday. But the first violin in Slovenia will be against Bulgaria on Monday. As a player's contribution, now is the foremost example of young women in training days in Brinde. Photo:

After all, players in court are responsible for performance and achievements. Unfortunately, the selector will discard any result. It's easy to replace more players than most players. We know that Slovenia does not have high-level players. There are new young people who want to prove themselves. Why do they come here, what are the goals, and why they should understand that we are coming here.

Igor Benedicijic during his first training session d. Selector

Ten years ago Igor Benedijoj as an Inter-colleague coach was 20 years old. The first time that Robert Berric reached the league goals was his first appearance. Photo:

For Benedictic (in the autumn), I started to play regularly. There were small clashes, but it was with me.

The interim selector gave him a chance at the league
Josip Iclik at a television interview in Bridge

Iklik says that he does not return to the past and is more important than today's centralism. He admits to doing more in today's thinking, both in the club and in the national team. The League of Nations is wasted, but in the months from March to November 2019, Euro qualifies classic euro 2020, Elyasaski's big personal goal. Photo: Bobo

do you have kids? You do not know. Everything changes in family and children. You should never think about trouble. You have no time to think about football, something else. Do not think that you can do more work to do your work, practice, do tomorrow.

Jessip Iclik when he came to Boda

Air-made airplane, respiratory routine and training are an opportunity to breathe and meetings of the representatives. The club will return to the best club. Photo: Bobo

This is the decision of every person. I am not someone who can say anything about it. He knows why he decided. We accepted the players. Anyone who wants to play for the national team is welcome. Anyone who does not want to play, well … another will come,

A representative of Kevin Campbell about retirement

Anyone who wants to play for the national team is welcome, but he does not want, but … others come.

November 13, 2018 at 10:24
Brid – MMC RTV S

Slovenia's football team is facing a difficult situation. Famous people from overseas do not attend, fall on the low level of the League of Nations on the horizon, and on the other side of the scale, rest is relaxed and cheerful, Josip.

The first star of selected items is suspicious Josip ElliichicThe October National National Assembly had a clear picture of positivity already. After the drug bacterial disease, the 30-year-old crankicon took responsibility, heading to the headlight and said he wanted to get something for Slovenia with the national team.

As a brigid prague hooker at the Coca-Cola hotel hooked the Kokra hotel, the enthusiasm of NSS Staff, of course, his associates, greetings, greetings, greetings of the newspaper, "Hi, a group."

All successes are sweet
This is understandable from the last match in Slovenia in Slovenia At that time Played better form. In the fourth round, After three goals and three assists, Black conquered four consecutive champions from Bargao four times. It was 4: 1. "For me, all successes are sweet, but it's better than fans and winners over a team that's on the internet, it's a mini-dB and we're happy to win this game."

After the match against the club's compatriots, Inter was not without a new goal but there was no discussion on national teams. Handsonvich praised me on Sunday with the best of the competition, and gave me a lot of great successes. "

Show offensive and self-sacrificing
The Atlanta 17th Athletic Championship and seven laptops held a month earlier in October have now failed to make the eighth place in Seal-E. Jojo If Slovenia is omitted in a match against Cyprus, can Slovenia win again if Slovenia does not play again?

As we have often said, we know that the teams will face defeat. As we have said many times, we need to look at struggles and self-sacrifice. We can not lose the mistakes we made in the last match. That's why we lost. If we correct these errors, we can expect good results, Stries would not be green, but he realized that his influence would be felt.

It's easy to replace selectors with players
After the NHS leadership sent to selectors, the first forced question was moved to a male national team. Tome kavischik. With no results for celebrities, we have the opportunity to be a replacement for players when we get an opportunity to be a substitute for the players. We know that more and more players will not play in Slovenia. They are willing to prove themselves, why are they coming, what goals, why we come here? I repeatedly stressed that I believed in this team, if not, reprezentanco, The responsibility of the poor was also transferred to Eli.

In fact, in September and October there was little change. "A coach pakarakkaranennalla, nettikkunnatakanam of the most high-quality player, we are now in a position, because he is with us, we have for some time as an assistant, is difficult to say when the arrival of a new selector. If we change our relationship, will help us to get the best selector in the world, all of the North Adittavum OURS, The Slovenian shooter, who has won the biggest square level, made it clear that the chosen Slovenian football fans should pay more for fans and sports publicans to satisfy their interests.

It is best to know who gave the first opportunity
"Do not talk,"
When Iclick laughed about the memory of Ignano Benedikis, he spent years working on Interlude Ljubljana. Before Benedict, Italian coach Alberto Bianne arrived in Interblock. After a sabbatical, he'd seen me better after afternoon. When I started to play regularly at Benedictic (Autumn Life) there were minor challenges with me, As a young man, the kranchan admitted that he was a coach of football coaches. That's it Jojo приставил: "We're in good relationship."

Anyone would like, welcome, do not want to play, well …
The second compulsory question is, of course, Thursday's sudden announcement Kevin Camp In contrast to the promise of October, he terminates a letter from Slovenia and completes 28 years for a delegate to leave. "The decision of every person is not the one I can say it about, and the best he knows how it's decided" "We accepted it." "Anyone who wants to play for the national team is welcome." "If you do not want to play … someone else will come. The retired players of Interblok, Maribor, Palermo, Fierirena, and Adatanee did not consolidate themselves with Com. If you do not have the desire and goal …

Last month, one of the best periods
Eli Likhi did not hide his goal. But his arrival in the national team, which he called October, admitted he would not call him due to illness or illness. He was very well. "When I reached the national team in October, I was looking for breathing in the sky, and I have a training code you've seen in the last assembly, a new power for me, a moment of results, the results of the club, all in the team, confidence, and so many victories, so we play soccer!"

The question was first raised whether he had played with the best football career in recent weeks. "I do not know if that was fine, but it's one of the best times in my life, but I'm on the verge of it, but now that I know it will be a lot better in the past, but before I go back, there is still a lot of matches before me, this is a must."

Football a few thoughts, more relaxation
In any case, the football player who was completely replaced, a young man and the first year of his life, was blamed for selflessness and rest. Before moving to Mayburn, he played for the retirement football as he finished in the summer of 2010, and when he left the veto Serio A. The fans of the national team waited for a few years, many have already abandoned, but now Jojo is the real leader, clear, direct, more self-contained, silent player, no more movement. Has the last year changed, has such an individual transformation been made?

"Do you have children?" But you do not know. "" Family and children all change. "" You will not think about the mistake. "You do not have time to think about football, do not think about what you will do tomorrow, come home and play with your children, and with your wife every day, you play well" The eclipse with his girlfriend Tinoy is what raises the highest game in 30 years and expecting to wake Slovenia.

Tony Gruden

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