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SDS deputy Jelk Gódek has warned that Slovenia is now functioning in children's cardiac surgery for 10 years, but today there is a "complete split". Photo: DZ / Barbara Žejavac

Request the Health Committee to convene an emergency meeting

November 8, 2018, 13:51
Lubliuana – MMC RTV SOLO, STA

The SDS parliamentary group group of health requires an emergency meeting and will ask the government to give a concrete explanation of the future of the project. In December, Fakeen announced that the National Institutes of Paediatric Cardiovascular Disease (NISB) would take a decision.

SDS is a deputy Jelka Godek She says that Slovenia has been involved in cardiovascular surgery for over a decade now "Full judgment". Experts abroad fail to participate in this event. They do not want to work in such situations. The pain of heart surgery in childhood in Slovenia passes "Literally a criminal act"She said.

The University Clinical Center (UKC) was unable to solve this problem in 2007 after Lluplujana first performed this surgery. Programs that are capable of providing the youngest patients are not professional staff.

Meanwhile, former health minister Malozka Kolar Zellar has established the National Institute for Pediatric Cardiovascular Disease (NISBS), Pediatric Cardiovascular Disease. This does not work because it does not meet the basic requirements for work. NIOSB can not function without any facilities, but in such a situation it can not even speak to colleagues from abroad.

The SDS expects the minister's firm response
The current minister Only Fuckin Discussions about the third variation in the UK in Ljubljana will work with the Croatian experts. If this happens, the unit's analyzes will last as long as the SDS demands that it will work. On Tuesday, the SDSDeptuals demanded an emergency meeting of the Health Committee. They want the unemployment situation in this area to be stressed, but the government will then ask the government to decide what the future will be.

According to Godavi, the Government should give a clear answer from the Department of Health about whether the child's heart surgery will be banned or whether a program in Slovenia will work. In the public controversy between the representatives of Lubljana and NIOSB in the UK, Godse also appeared. The government has been trying to establish a relationship between the two and now it will be a dispute between the two public institutions.

Fuckin: Time to sit
In this year, 86 children in the UK have worked in Lubljana. 18 of these children have gone abroad abroad. Exactly one day a native of the native team performs the work of the team. Fakin is a long-term solution to the problem of balanced cardiac surgery. When he developed for 15 years, he was seen as domestic specialists. "There are some foreign experts in the UK, home team needs training, not going to night,"He said.

Some complications have occurred in reducing the child's heart surgery. Lublluna UKC and Pediatric Cardiovascular Disease National Institute of National Institute (NIOSB)How we're going to do this work in the long run ". According to Fakin's words, they were not ready to discuss the holidays. He also reminded us that there were considerable accidents in the NIOSB proposals in Lublin-based UK. "Now is the time to sit,"He stressed.

FASHION: No one else but oil
It is also a pleasure to convene extraordinary meetings of the Health Committee on this topic. As he has said, each one can say what they think. "The ocean flowing in oil does not happen like it is today. Child safety and long-term nature of the program should be aware of the precedent in Slovenia.According to Fakin, the clinical center of the clinic decided that the kid's heart surgery and the treatment of overseas patients are very simple, but it is three times more expensive and a long time in the medical profession. "They will do everything to keep such a center in the long-run,"He added.

Asked if NIOSB acted as an independent company, Fakeen responded by asking him to co-operate with other departments. The announcement was made in the first week of December. Fakin has not read the report of one of the foreign doctors who came to Slovenia in the NIOSB summer. There was a significant decline in the Clinical Center program. He said that he is not an expert who can analyze him. But he promised to ensure the safety of the patients.

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