Friday , September 30 2022

The ambulance found in the New York Hotel is not a vaccine with black goats


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The security guards in the New York Hotel's room found an ultra ultraviolet 9 ambulance known to be a black and white vaccine in an old metal box. It eliminated laboratory analyzes, public health.

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The New York police officers reported on October 28th after 17.00 and informed them within a few minutes. In Nova Goria's wide range of hotels, one was informed. The starThe eye (lolly) kettle consists of nine inleads in an anonymous liquid material. It was immediately followed by the police officers who were found after registration. The fire burns Noah Gorisa Noah Gorica.

The ambulance was handed over to the Faculty of Microbiology and Immunology of Inbound Analysis for Medicine, eliminating the presence of viral goats. & # 34;According to the analysis of the analysis, the content in ampoules does not risk public health,& # 34; They Today Slowly or with the PI Nova Garrey.

A preliminary inquiry has been completed with the further investigation of the criminal police investigation, and the investigation was completed and the appropriate measures were taken.

Let's remember. On the same day, GV P.L. The Slovenia Government of the Republic of Civilian Protection and Rehabilitation has announced that it was handed over to 17.34 firearms of Nova Garia. The gameThe Pearl Line in Nova Gorica, they were offered help # 269; Saving the area where the guards are located The gameThere are two vaccine ampules. Primark News According to their unofficial reports, the goat had a vaccine against children.

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On October 28, a few minutes later, an old metal board with nine ampoules was found in an unknown liquid material in a hotel in Nova Gorica's Noticias Gorica. Immediately after the registration, police officers found the place. The fire burns Noah Gorisa Noah Gorica.

The EMP ambulance has been handed over to the Institute of Microbiology and Immunology at the Faculty of Medicine in the Medicus, eliminating the presence of black go viruses. "According to the analysis of the analysis, the content in ampoules does not risk public health,"They said in Goroccio.

The criminal notice is also collected in connection with the case. After the completion of the inquiry, we will be given accurate estimates.

Let's remember. On the same day, the Administration of the Republic of Protection and Rescue, reportedly shifted to the parallel location of Perla Casino in Nova Gorea's settlement Brigade Nova Gorica at 17.34. There they helped them with space protection.Primark News According to their unofficial information, they informed that there was a vaccine against black goats.

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