Thursday , June 8 2023

Stress measure increases Alzheimer's disease


A research team at the Copenhagen University, a post doctorate student, led by Subirine Islomoksa, investigated whether Alzheimer's disease had been linked to. When this happens, men and women who find themselves in the physical conditions in the middle agescan have a big risk of developing dementia in their old age.

"These findings are an important risk factor for psychological disturbance, which should be more effective in preventing preventive measures to avoid further development of dementia," commented on Islam on medical news today.

Scientists say that the "unresolved issues" of a person's life, especially for stressing factors for exposure to stress. Benute can be seen as a hint of endoscopic mental disturbance.

The pre-deduction of heart disease, metabolic syndrome, premature deaths and obesity has shown some pre-requisites.

Scientists led by Islamophobia examined a study of 6,807 people who were studying a heart attack in Krobenhavan between 1991 and 1994. At that time 60-year-olds participated. As part of research, they were asking about burning.

By the end of 2016, the team of scientists is working together. In the middle ages, we found that there was a link between the growth of Alzheimer's disease. For every Ernakulam dementia, dementia is getting two per cent more.

Of those reported from five to nine symptoms, there is a possibility of developing 25% more dementia than endoside. Among those with symptoms of endosseid from 10 to 7, the risk was 40% higher.

Studies have shown that mental retardation in heart changes and cardiovascular long-term productivity can lead to mental distress and dementia.

"Our brain could not only affect not only the health of our brain, but also the public health, which has serious and adverse consequences," the Islamic commented.

Alzheimer's Disease Journal and Islam's findings are available.

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