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STA Science: Famous Recipients of Autumn Awards

Autumn Awards are the highest award for Pedagogical, Research and Professional achievements in the biotechnology sector of Slovenia. He is the first professor of botany in Lubljuna university and will be awarded with the Faculty Award every year in memory of Franz Jeskyo, founder of the current Triglav National Park.

To develop animal disorders and biotechnology for promoting professional dovetes, professional dogs, scientific work efforts to develop animal genetics, biology, biology and other animal studies and to develop animal breeding in Slovenia and develop provisions for developing new knowledge in animal husbandry sector Helped.

Drock International, a research scientist, has been used to describe genetics, biology, cell biology, phylogeny, population genetics, cytogenetics, molecular genetics, episotism, genetic polymorosis and genetic expression. The red thread of research work is genetic characteristics and genetic signs influencing the characteristics of domestic behaviors.

In the Doctoral debate, AJJ Chebblej examined the biomass response of the fruits of the antioxidant and examined the use of sunburns, glasses, handsets and skin irritations. The best understanding of the biomorphysication processes in the result of physiological disasters results in the results of doctorate depression. You can learn a lesson to learn about cognitive curriculum or to take action to prevent their early identification. The result is the development of low price disaster techniques before being stored after the glass, which is written in the description of the prize.

Student Catherine Slon attended the experimental research section of the first and only classes, learned scholarship for the Slovenian Society for Plant Biology, and studied the influence of various stress factors in the Senecene-related gene in Cardiff University. As a result of the Masters Theater, the growth, composition, structure and organism of the Japanese, check, root and garden radish were obtained to Prerene Price Faculty.

Faculty of faculty outside the faculty, Bioethical Faculty award for extraordinary achievements for non-pedagogical workers and individuals outside of faculty. 22 first and second grade students with at least nine grade students in the calendar year 2018 received the awards.

Participants at the Lubliana University Gift Program were the biotechnology faculty Dean of Emil, the Microbiology, Immunologist, Slowter, Writer and Writer Allus Ihan.

A press conference was held even before the celebration program. They presented important benefits to the faculty of research. Mary Swordowska – Marco Petrak says that the successful scholarship (MSCA) of the Curia Personalized Scholarship (WBC) You Canans Marshak from the Department of Agronomy, 2018.

The Hoover PetCovic in the Food Department presented an incentive for the promotion of an international project aimed at the development of new antibiotics for the treatment of life-threatening infections in hospitals. In Europe, more than 25,000 deaths from serious bacterial infections occur every year. The results of an international project reveal that aminoglycoside antibiotics are safe and effective in treating multiple infections caused by multiple immunosuppressive bacteria.

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