Saturday , June 10 2023

Serbian singer Jai Ramadanovsky has died


Serbian singer Dzej Ramadanovsky has died of a heart attack at the age of 57. Despite the rapid arrival of rescuers and resuscitation, he died in his apartment.

Foreign media reports that he is dead Jai RamadanovskyThe legend of Roman music, in his apartment in Dorol, was severely isolated from being infected with the new corona virus. Rescuers quickly arrived and began resuscitating him, however he died.

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Jay, who underwent heart valve surgery three years ago, was advised by doctors to pay close attention to his diet and healthy lifestyle. “He’s dead. My brother is gone. We have been inseparable for the last 25 years. He fell asleep and never woke up … about an hour ago. I’m here with my daughters. We need to see what the procedures are. We hear each other every day, go home and be in his heart. He had a minor operation, but his heart betrayed him. “ Said his best friend Soren Jagodic Law.

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Jay was born on April 29, 1964, in Belgrade to a large family. After her parents divorced, she lived with her grandmother for a while, but remained in orphanages until she was old enough to commit the crime. He began his career as a teenager when he sang at Belgrade clubs. The author recognized his abilities Marina Tukakovich. In 1991 he released an album You turned me offIt gave him great recognition. Among other things, he starred in a movie Beautiful Brenny Let 2 work. Some of his famous songs Sunday, Slavic, Do’s and Don’ts, 99 women.

In a recent interview, he expressed concern about his health, saying the new corona virus could be fatal to him: “I can not go out because I’ll not get sick. I have heart problems, so the virus can be deadly to me. I do not even see my best friends, and I have to admit I lost cafes. I’m in the bohemian heart, I can not wait to go but return to the inn when it’s all over.”

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