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Rumors about 14 MP rear and 10 MP front facing cameras


We write about what Apple is already planning in 2019, but now we focus on the most well-known Apple product, iPhone smartphone. We are officially awaiting the autumn. (Perhaps in the month of September), but you can ensure that you get rumors. We will review some such different news, each time we look at what's new.

The system with three cameras

Last year, there was a double camera behind the iPhone XS device. Can iPhone be given to a triple camera this year? This is the main theme in the month of April. It is not clear how the three camera systems should work.

Digit report Here's a few photos of how to see the iPhone this year and how to setup three cameras on the back. Three iPhones (called "iPhone XI") of 2019 are the three final cameras that have two rows of same shots. This third and short distance camera is a digital photo that can be an unwanted 3D effect. According to Bloomberg, this issue is deeper into Sony's production of new generation 3D sensors.

Steve Hemerstoffer Later this year's iPhone's prototype version was released. There is a difference in the picture and the triple camera setup. CompareRaja cameras are seen in a horizontal ring than the vertical layout on the options above, by posting a picture. CompareRaja's website is a prototype and does not specifically defined.

Last 10MP and 14MP cameras will be replaced by dual 12MP camera, according to HemsStofter. In all probabilities, there will be a wide-angle camera and a "zoom" camera. Third camera details are not yet available. It's a deep, zoomed sensor with an anonymous version. The front camera will be updated from 7 MP to 10 MP.

How true is this news? Smartphones market is provided Strong competition It becomes stronger, You have to It does not promise to anyone else for the iPhone, something that looks fun to the customers. Although the new cameras and all the features that come with each other will stimulate sales, the app can not imagine replacing its leading camera design.

IPhone XR must provide a dual-camera system

Tim Cook does not agree that he does not agree to sell his iPhone XR, but the app does not have much cheaper purpose. The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple will stay with three models in 2019. The LCD's iPhone XR is the cheapest. This is the device of OLED devices in 2020. However, on the XR, the iPhone XMax will receive a triple camera when compared to the twin cameras iPhone XS.

How true are the rumors? Of course not. IPhone XR is one of the best Apple phones of all time, and if you decide to stop Apple's construction after a wheel, it will be very dangerous. In addition to an extra camera, Apple can make another interesting miracle. How does Apple differ from X? The camera is indeed fixed assets, while at the same time represents a big difference in the models. If Apple only achieved this achievement, what would the customers receive when XR is more expensive than XR?

Smaller opening on the screen

"Leap" "Aperture" on IPhona screen not only intended to provide a unique design to Apple, but we recognize it within seconds. If other companies do not begin to copy the case, that's it. If the rumors of the belief come, it is also wrong to say that this danger will continue to be a symbol of an iPhone.

AMS is the most innovative invention of the new optical sensor, and is a sensor manufacturer. This can be accurately measured by the ambient light of the OLED display. Reuters reports that Apple is using AMS optical sensors. 3D face recognition, that is, it's not far from the real thing.

What is this news? Apple and AMS are already having a contract, because Apple was talking about how to start thumb openings for quite some time.

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