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Price of Air Prices: Have you cheated for it?


STA / M.M. / 11/26/2018, 9:29

The European Union is investigating the suspicion that the aviation industry is engaged in the search.

In the past, aviation industry has been able to pay priceless prices for the aviation industry. The suspicion of illegal intervention took over control of Brussels and formal investigation was initiated.

The inquiry commissioned by the European Commission emphasize two companies seeking to book tickets for the world's travelers Amayadus and Zaber.

My flight was canceled. What now?

Tickets for flight schedules, seats, ticket prices, travel agents and agencies will be allowed to book a ticket. The commission suspects these companies can control their customers' access, and the competitors will have trouble entering the market.

"This concerns concerns that such restraint prevents the upgrade and may increase the price of fair distribution, ultimately to make consumers more expensive tickets"Said the European Union Commissioner Margretre Vesta.

Flight cost
Flight costPhoto: iistok

Answer the complaints

Spanish Amadeus has informed that they can cooperate fully with the investigation. "This process will confirm that the amad's business is in all controls, "They wrote with the company and agencies have all the rights to choose for their company or competition.

The demand for contracts with aviation and travel agents by claiming that Saber in the United States is competing with the company.

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