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Offset: Minimum wages are gradually increasing in many stages

Minimum wages need to be increased steadily. Therefore, all the additions should be avoided at a time, but at the same time it should be increased, said Economic Sadgogo Pocawalscu today's bridge prince crancho. Changes to the minimum wage envisaged in the bill will affect the wager of businesses and jobs and the ecological competence of business environment, the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce (GAS) warns.

In recent years the minimum wage growth does not follow the growth of GDP (GDP). Zadraco Pocselsk. "People deserve the fair salary of their work," he said, but we have to consider what is and what is long-term long-term sustainability.

"The economy is the foundation of a Welfare State"

"Increasing the minimum wage regularly, in many stages, all the combinations can not be increased simultaneously," he added. In his opinion, the successful economy is the foundation of social state. "It does not create, nothing, no money, not for roads, not for drugs, not school," he said.

The minister believes that the government is adequate for the economy

The economy can exist and observe, but the most important thing a state can do in the economy is a competitive and consistent business environment. Therefore, to maintain a healthy economy, work, capital, profits or tax deductions, beware and implement it carefully. "I believe that the new government team has enough rational and intellectual confidence and all that can be useful for us," Počivalšek said.

The minister said that the government will amend the letter. Many colleagues and colleagues expressed their opinions that the January salary would be eliminated if all changes were made in January. According to him, declaring support with the joint deputies support does not mean that the law can not be "improved" with amendments.

The GAS provides attention to the consequences of the minimum wage changes

"Such a dialogue sleaviniyayil professional and social needs of a conversation on the subject of minimum wages and wage policy, and it takes time. A whole range of political will, the consequences of a bisinas'sukaruteyum the workers and the presence of the Slovenian business in a competitive atmosphere, n'yayikarikkanavatta minimum wages," Slovenian economy, Yavasthayute at the top of Slovenia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chief Executive krancju prud Bridge Sona Scoke.

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They are urging the government not to support the law

"We will protest. Law to allow the government asked on Tuesday to begin the process of establishing rules on minimum wages in 2019, an increase of marrannalkketire arbitrary and unpredictable situations, increasing the business paritasthitiyekkuricc to exercise significant influence on the business. The economic, social and of the Council on minimum Wages, social partners, should be discussed in the future.

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Employers have a high minimum wage. The lowest salary is € 350 euros.




GAS pointed out that the higher minimum wages for the state could not provide without losing unemployment. The higher minimum wage will be guaranteed only through higher value added, productivity and exports, Stressa said.

"Only a policy can determine the minimum wage"

The Chamber agrees to pay minimum wage annuity according to the minimum wage law, which takes into account other norms such as inflation and productivity. "Minimum wage increases should not be questioned, but only a policy could be decided on minimum wages, without social partnership, only with the support of innovations that completely change the basic concepts like the definition of salary." The Slovenian Chamber of Commerce Ann He pointed out the executive director of D Industry.

The Bill, passed by the Levy in the National Assembly, does not consider the fact that allowing the deputies to accept pay wages faster than the inflation rate. The average wage rate has risen to 17 per cent since January 2009, a minimum wage of 43 per cent and a 11 per cent increase.

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Additionally, Slovenia has the smallest difference between the minimum wage and the average wage in the European Union. The average minimum wage in the European Union is 43 per cent of the average wage and above average in Slovenia it is 52 per cent.

Worker productivity is already growing at a speed higher than the minimum wage. Additionally, currently in Slovenia, the current average value of a staff is 18,000 euros, more than 50,000 employees. "Most of them work for public contract workers, who follow the philosophy of the cheapest auction at best auction," said Schumutov.

They also point out that the "unique" methodology for cutting the minimum wage has a significant impact on the overall wage policy, social transactions, pensions and public sector wages. "Will it pay for new taxes or health programs, infrastructure, and other shortcomings?" She asked.

As the Employment Relationship Act outlines, there is a difference in the definition of wages, and the legal advisers will also take legal action in legal and legal context. The basic salary will not be a bonus or bonus for the new pay when it comes to salary. "Investment in this universe is a big risk in collective bargaining and in our legal order in the future," Schmuche says.

The amendments to the legislation were also opposed by the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia (OZS). There they seek to avoid labor costs and pay higher wages. "If it reduces power, more workers will remain," she wrote in a message.

The fact that the minimum wage plan is planned is indicated by the fact that the bonus of life is for all workers, so the maximum increase in wages will be at the expense of this allowance. "Older old workers with a higher employee's allowance are again denying, and it will make it harder for the worker to get a job because of higher labor costs," she added.

They pointed to the lack of social discussion to address as little as possible of minimum wages.

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