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Novak Djokovic will turn to summer, and Vajada is the best coach


Serbia's Novak Djokovic won the ATP Tennis Player of the Year award. In this season, the Slovak coach Marijaajen Wajda has been awarded the best coach.

In the ATP rankings, Jocovic is in the top. This is the fourth time Jocovic's position. In the Wimbledon and Grand Slam tournaments, New York's US Open, Cincinnati, Shanghai's Shanghai and the Winners of the Masters Series have been among the top. In the late era of Rafael Nadal, who was injured, he was substituted.

One of the best performances in the history of the championship held in advance of the World Cup is the biggest achievement in the history of Novak Djokovic. Americans Jimmy Connors, Pete Samras and Swiss Roger Federer.

Stephen's CCPAS

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Stephen Sicaipus and Alex D'Minoure were awarded with the prize

Other tennis players were also awarded. The most promoted player of the season is Spencer Cipaspus of Greece, the 19-year-old Alex de Minouer is the most popular player in the ATP. Federer is a non-replacement for the 37-year-old Federer. ATP Garvans is the Croatian Mate Pavik and Austrian Oliver.

London Arena O2 will host eight tennis players in the world between November 11 and 18. German Alexander Suarev, Croatian Marin Silicon and American John Eyenner will play against Guoco Kutten's group in Novak Djokovic instead of drama. Federer, South Africa's Kevin Anderson, Austrian Dominic Theme, and Key Nishikori of Japan have filled up the gap created by Juan Marin Del Potro in Argentina. 8.5 million dollars in the finals of the year.

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