Tuesday , March 28 2023

Neo is now available as an app for smart TVs – IT, Cloud Cloud, Computer News, Information Technology – Neo is now available as an app for smart TVs – Si21


The NOO platform, which brought to our lives a whole new experience of TV content management through voice control, is now available as a Neo TV Lite application to Telecom Slovene television subscribers. Neo TV Lite is an application for smart TVs with Android TV operating system from version 7.0 onwards. In this way, the NOO solution is available to subscribers through the NOO Smartbox, the NOO app for mobile phones and tablets, and now the app for smart TVs.

Neo TV Lite allows you to watch up to 7 days of TV and radio programs, on-demand content, recording, and viewing on up to five different devices (smart TVs, mobile phones, tablets). The application offers high quality TV programs using adaptive bitstream technology. NOO TV Lite is available to telecom Slovene TV subscribers with at least one NOO smartbox, for example NOO TV Lite enabled for a second or third TV device in the home.

The NOO TV Lite app is run by users with remote control of the TV, and can be found on the mobile app or at www.neo.io. The same program scheme is available from the NOO Splat program program set, as are user monitors. Neo TV Lite does not allow sound management of content in the video library and purchase of movies, so the subscriber buys movies through the Neo Smartbox in the video library and then watches via Neo TV Lite.

The Neo TV Lite software option is priced at 1. 1.49, including VAT. Ordering is possible through my Telecom, Neo Smartbox, or in the process of setting up the Neo TV Lite app on a smart TV device. Before ordering, Telecom Slovene recommends that users check the availability of NEO TV Lite in their smart TV app market, as some low-cost TV manufacturers may use versions of the Android operating system other than Android TV.


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