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Milanium snowflakes from remote galaxy

They were not twice as cometary as Walnina Smijin Novak, like Millennium Snowflake, and a strange galaxy far away, like an avatar, delivered a message near to poetry. They broke up with each other like the love they experienced. Something went wrong.

12 points …
Sall Crash, Gasper Thll, Musician Seb, a singer from Tel Aviv in Avarosong.

Their first sin was an unexpected victory over Emma, ​​who divided Smug. A portion of self-educated scholars sent them to "psychological systems", calling them autism, such as the modern society, an "unusual" and "solution for insomnia." At the same time, they immediately accepted the smallest part of the generation. Young people, exhibition, exhibition, exhibition, price, images, circus, pressure to be celebrated with fifteen minutes, great joy, disclosure … shelter in their subtle music message.

Zala and Gazpar do not like to present, despite the youth and nature. Both of them earned a music education, and after the age of seven, Gaspar played in a hartony, and graduated from the guitar to the lower music school. She was the second. Prairien's prize was given four times for the music school Maribor, which was studying violin, and guitar itself; Gaspour was banned in Europe. Spend a year in Prague. In the Czech Republic's biggest studio, a ladies producer got it at First Rest Studios. They were Lady Gaga or David Boy and singers. Living It Up Damien Marley, Bob Marley's son.

Even after their first meeting in 2016, he and music became their center of attention. One of the things that we want to read about is that they are used all the time. Their performance is not a pose, says Tim Urbina, DJ, Radio and Broadcast Manager RH 202 On Taila 202When he did not know where he was, he had already seen him. A few years ago, Salin was a brother, Urban King, DJN. Producer, producer of DHNS, and some of her sister Salah's musical covers. "It's not sure whether it will be shared publicly or she will create happy music".

"I can tell you the authenticity of their musical instrument, which is not easy, even in reality, on the floor, in a special, distant, clean and honest expression," Urbania said. Their musical style, of course, is electronic music, but in fact it does not work to compare something with this person. It is correct to note that these are "salah crraws and gas particle". They will not mobilize anyone. What are they creating?

First, Radio Waves became their nerves under Andrew Carroll's "Weaponry" program WavesAnd then Balloons … And then we smiled a romantic song With you.

Last year they signed a contract with the Lublízana branch of the Universal Publishing Company. In the semi-finals they were the most competitive of young Madriders in a few days ago. In the first year of the library was enrolled by Salah Kralj this year, due to burning music events, she stopped studying for a while. They have now spent fourteen days in Israel, exercises, preparations, and interviews for twelve hours.

Another sin also occurred: they were finishing the final. Just like the victory in Emu, this time, they did not weep the tears of eyes tears welcome to the final final as many representatives of Evrosong. Then, the bad sin, tired of hours, and tired of every hour, after finishing the final at 2 pm after a press conference, said: "I thought it would be better, and they announced Slovenia." It ended again, this time the Eurovision Fence.

White Oasis
In the semi-final of Evrozong, they were in the blast of special effects on clothes, performance song, peace, diversity, and tenderness.

We all have the accusation, composing, comparing; So we keep things from abroad or new ones. But if each one of us looked in another interview before the judgment, before he left Israel, StopFor, say, or co-worker Saši Bojc the work; Or if you were calm morning with Andrew Karol Taila 202Before they go to Israel, you may be listening to the lesson of the song.

When your thoughts are full, you can hear my heart beating. You can find me when you're in trouble. /…/ It's like a snowmap waiting in the spring.

They had to explain the music and Facebook again. Because they wanted to share their knowledge with people, they understood and went to them. "That is why we went to Eurovision, which sometimes seems to not include it." Legally. Why not everybody should go anywhere? / You do not need to be proven. / Same tears, same fear

In the Eurovision Song Contest, dirty dresses, exclusive vocals, and the special effects blast, the Osiris, Their key message is in their convention and acceptable speech. You accept me and I accept you.

Interestingly, they should have judged themselves, precisely in this avrozong, the different character of each song emphasizes patience and approval. Because they do not have designer clothes, evening setups, X-ray and special effects, you do not have to wait for their ranks, they are not properly relied on.

Emra's apology was not just about the stage cameraman or the viewer in the hands of a smartphone. Thus at the first seminar at Aversog. She looked at him, and said, "As many people have not yet used, her partner looks at her partner's eyes."

And they said, they made an apology at a press conference after the end of the final terrid'dhariccatin: "We know that if someone here nilkkunnitattea or mistaken terrid'dhariccalea We nandiyullavarallenn. The opportunity to present your song," the chairman said, you ayalellam mappukeatuttuvenna kyamara- against a big camera attarameara Without, gasaparineat she looked at immediately, and gently caressed it.
"If you did not want to visit Eurovision, you would never sign up for Emoio." They said. "I do not know how such a structure is created in our bedroom, and I do not know how to touch people, we'll stay here," she said. We have not done anything to speak of honesty, values, pure love, and lack of sincerity, nudity or lack of love.
Thus, the media and the perpetual thoughts of celebrities and celebrities are constantly widespread. It wants to "read something" in Gazpar and Sally. We hurt ourselves, because we can not do that. A weariness is not greed for success, but it is an image that is typical in generator instagram. Special effects have been washed with pervolia in this world and their music follows the heartbeat.

Salala Kralj and Gašper Šantl will interpret your music with their interpretation, with their image purification – we will carry the message that is powerful enough when you carry the five generations. It depends on whether it is global or when it is adult. We are in it

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