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Meissus has confirmed three new cases

The three types of nutrition have been confirmed. All these three illnesses were recently biH. More information on their condition is unknown. In Slovenia, 12 diseases of this disease have been recorded in Slovenia this year.

In Slovenia, more nutritional food items were confirmed late last night in the strain area. According to our estimates, three of the victims were Slovakian who arrived in Bosnia-Herzegovina regions.

Children or adults, more information about their health, their vaccination level so far unknown.

The main character of the fifth antibody is fever, eye stroke, nausea, cough, rough skin (higher red skin than skin dosage) – NIJZ

The National Institute of Public Health (NIJS) has links to people affected by viruses.

In the first five months of the year, in Slovenia, 12 million cases have been reported in the last five months. Finally, a few days ago, news was reported that RDV Slovenia employees and a person from the coastal area suffered from this disease.

The disease spreads directly or indirectly due to epidemics of infected nose and throat.Photo: Dreamstime

Propagation against injections decreases hanging

In early 1968, we introduced compulsory vaccination against the fifth phenomenon. Meissles has the highest number of epidemics in recent years. After the forced vaccination, the number of cases was reduced and the last epidemic recorded in 1994-95.

In the recent years, the case has been regarded as very rare and personal cases, and the recent decline has been decreasing. This is mainly because of fear of parents and fears of side effects and more uncontrolled immunization programs, based on the dissemination of unstable information. Facebook and YouTube online gamers deciding that advertising against vaccines should not be allowed, as web and social networks are growing.

Adults must have pre-arranged either their doctor or local unit of the National Institute of Public Health (OIE NIJZ).

Measles is very steep, not just in Slovenia but around the world. Parents can record a record record for the US to vaccinate children for religious reasons. In countries where the immune system has fallen, more cases have been reported in Italy, Ukraine and the Balkans.

In April this year, the World Health Organization warned that a fifth increase in the first three months of the year was a 300 percent increase. The number of victims in Europe from 2017 to 2018 has tripled, according to Europe.

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