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Mayors renovate and rebuild: This year 420 million more investments


This year, over 420 million more investment and reproduction compared with last year.

Slovenia's Transparency International's (TI) Slovenia's analysis shows that municipal budgets from 2008 have seen a sharp increase in new buildings and municipalities. The biggest trend in investment growth is the five largest slave municipalities. Lubliuana, Maribor, Copper, Selj, Crech.

Gosopotav Road



What is wrong with Gosposvetski many cracks?

In the implementation of the Planning Budgets, all municipalities will invest about 420 million euros over the last year to invest in new buildings.

As the years ahead of the polls, it decreases in violent years

"The increase in municipal investments over the course of the years has led to an increase in the GDP and job opportunities that have declined again in non-violent years,


Widow Tomic,

Secretary General of the TV Slovenia, which invested in the municipality's budget when observing the 2014 local elections. While the municipality's investment in analyzes increases yearly over the years, construction of goods and services will increase, so municipalities will be exaggerating the public and private investment. However, after the recession of the municipality in 2014, Slovenia's economic recovery has given a positive result.

With the public money, old mayors have benefits

Due to the remarkable trend of political motivation in the municipalities, the Finance Minister, the Public Administration Department, sought to carefully monitor the effect of municipal investigating cycles.

"There are a number of issues, including increasing the likelihood of such deposits in the years leading up to the municipal elections. In this context, the general candidates in general candidates who can not participate in general elections with general candidates,

Tomy is important.

Junkovik Logger



Jankovic: Logger. The first one will remain on vacation, others will have to repair their teeth

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