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In the US, a poem entitled "Solicitor" will be presented by Luca Donnik

Leonardo Cohen's legendary structure, Hallelke became an unofficial guide to Dallas Mawarris.

Isaac K. LeeThe record of the famous sports magazine Ringer Hallelujah was recorded Leonard CohenHe dedicated it Look Donsik Like the Slovenian basketball player, he is known as "the savior of Maveliks".

Lee wrote of Dansen's arrival at Danson: "I heard you have a miracle that does not want to take a lot of teams, but you're really careless about Euros, where will he go now? Should he go to Nick or Nick?" Kingsys liked to take Boyle.

Lee has succeeded in the hearts of Mavers' fans, "Although it is white and calm, it's cool in a glue of revolution, all of us debuted, Dirk (Ivitsky, Peter), all the Maverci fans halelok quoted!"


Maverick fans are excited about processing, they are on Twitter Mark CubanThe owner of the club's owner Dales Maverkis has been invited to play in their matches in the future.

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