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I. M. Pei, the author of the Lewra Glass Pyramid, died

I. M. Pea (1917-2019). Photo: EPA

The most famous work E-mail; PiaThat, Yes A glass pyramid placed in front of the Paris museum is the ultimate advisor to modern architecture Louvre.

Glass and steel of concrete companies
His work is addictive Modern The emphasis is on traditional factors, accurate geometry, smooth surface, and natural light. He is considered to be the Reformist with the Climate Issues. His love for Islamic architecture is noteworthy. His most famous building materials were glass, glass and steel.

Access to Lauro Photo: EPA

Once disputed, it is a magic for tourists today
Piramida before Louvrom Many controversies started in the beginning of 1989 due to the huge difference in the classic-baroque museum building. However, there is exactly 21 meter tall glass structure in which the main museum access, the second wind Mono Liza Leonardo Yes Vinci) Attracting tourists Louvre.

The architect was also at the age of highest. Photo: EPA

The museum's management years ago with architect, Yes It is designed to attract more visitors to 4.5 million visitors each year. Last year it was 10.2 million.

Some "The most beautiful interior and exterior shapes"
In 1983, we had a proud dress Pritikar The prize known as the Architecture Nobel Prize. They said, Yes Is "These centuries have provided magnificent interior and exterior forms".

China Bank Tower in Hong Kong. Photo: EPA

He was awarded a 100,000 cash prize to establish a scholarship fund, which assisted the Chinese in structured study in the US. Wearing a gold medal in American apparel.AIA) Royal Institute's Gold Medal of British Architects.

It shifts from China to the United States and establishes its own bureau
City of the city in 1917 Guangzhou Located in the south east of China I amYes Ming April At the age of 18, he moved to the United States, Yes I will study at the University of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard. During World War II, the US government assigned him research. In 1955 he founded his own Architecture Bureau.

One of the disciples of today's Bauwa
E-mail; April He also learned about the architecture of the famous master Bossus, Walter Groceries Inside Marcel Brewer. There are other publications in addition to the glass pyramid of Paris Great The architecture is like the eastern section of the National Gallery in Washington, and the Chinese Bank Tower in Hong Kong.

The author lived through three continents
One of the most successful manufacturer in the last century, North America, urban backgrounds in Europe and Asia, hotels, schools, and other amenities has been designed. E-mail; April For example, in his eighteenth year, he created the famous Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar.

Islamic Art Museum in Doha Photo: EPA

E-mail; April He died on May 16th Related Press A spokeswoman for the New York Architecture Office confirmed.

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