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Gunther with a letter to the citizen: a very thin border separates us from the brink of the abyss


Ahead of the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays, Health Minister Toma Gunther urges citizens to take steps to limit the spread of the new corona virus. “We must wait patiently for the vaccine to be available, to ensure that there are as many victims as possible, and to limit the economic damage we may experience in the long run,” he said in the letter. “However, all of this is not possible without action and strict adherence to specific procedures,” he said. He added that the protection measures were the result of professional guidance and perhaps not left or right politics or one way or another colored government.



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As the Minister of Health said in his introduction Thomas Gunther, Every year there are days we all look forward to, days we want to spend in the circle of family, friends and everyone we love. “This is especially true during the Christmas and New Year holidays this year, when we were forced to contain the virus so we could not visit our loved ones and friends, not hug them,” the minister said.

A disease that kills thousands of lives every day

As he further points out, the Kovid-19 pandemic affected the lives and health of people around the world. “The virus does not exclude anyone, it does not select individuals, it chooses society as a whole, and Kovid-19 is a disease that affects thousands of people, young and old, every day. We do not know enough about it, only its far – reaching consequences,” Gunther recalled.

In an open letter, Gunther urged citizens to take action to prevent the spread of the virus.

In an open letter, Gunther urged citizens to take action to prevent the spread of the virus.
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We expect every day information on effective and safe immunizations that have saved many deadly diseases in the past but until then we are keeping the victims of this disease to a minimum and limiting the huge financial damage we may experience for as long as possible. “However, all of this is not possible without strict adherence to action and specific procedures,” he reminded.

In the letter, Gunther reminded that the purpose of protectionist measures is the same in all countries and around the world, and that the family and colleagues in the work environment should limit contact with each other to prevent further spread of the virus. The use of protective equipment and hygiene measures are essential.

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Non-compliance with minority procedures

“It seems very simple, if we all respect them consistently. Without exception! Non-compliance by the minority is an insult to the majority who follow the instructions. Unfortunately, this also happens in our country, where in practice similar measures are less effective than elsewhere,” he said.

The minister reminded that it is not a job or politics to suggest measures.

The minister reminded that it is not a job or politics to suggest measures.
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The Minister of Health points out that the proposed protection measures are the result of the previous professional experience and professional orientation of many countries, but perhaps not left or right politics or one way or another government of color. “Not in Slovenia, not elsewhere! They are based in the professional public. It is self-evident that we seek medical and expert advice in the event of a serious and sudden illness, but some still think that the epidemic and Kovid-19 can be solved in another way,” he said.

Gunther emphasized the importance of skill, which is what we want. “In our country, too, many health workers are struggling daily to control the epidemic, with an average of 1,300 hospitalized patients a day having Kovid-19,” the minister said of the health situation in Slovenia.

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We have very little time to avoid disaster

“Our health care and overweight health workers are working to the best of their ability. A very thin line separates us from the edge of the abyss. We decide for ourselves how we will spend the time available.Until that we all need to limit unwanted contacts and strictly follow preventive measures, ”he said.

Finally, Minister Thomas Gunther wrote that the end of the year is usually the time we look back on. “This year has been very difficult and I want to end it with the knowledge that we have been able to work together and with optimism that we will overcome all obstacles in the future,” he said.

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