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Guinness World Records #Video

160 guests were invited to attend the fifteenth anniversary of the 60th birthday of Carlos Ghose of Renault-Nissan. It had valuation of € 635 thousand.

Renault, former president of Nissan Carlos Gossan He is also trying to correct public opinion by refusing allegations that he has been abusing the company's assets during the period of management of two public sector brands.

635 A party with a thousand Ganguly

In France, there is a professional video on the 15th anniversary of Renoult and Nissan in the Versailles Palace in Paris. Interesting facts about 635 thousand dollars spent on Goshen's 60th birthday.

They argue that in Renault Nison they were organized for the party's business needs (at least officially). That's not the birthday of that president. When evaluating the video, the party was luxurious and brighter and touched on French and history. There were over 160 guests in the party.

The video will end for Ghosan's rivals

Gonzále's Audience attracted the attention of Renault Nison. The direct spending of the Dutch joint venture dealing with the activities of the most important concerns in the automotive industry.

Meanwhile, Gosnn echoes the allegations of alleged controversial financial transactions, and his expectation is that it will be the hallmark of an Omannian distributor. Ronaldo and the chairman of Nissan say that he has targeted the prey in uncontrolled management games with Renault and Nissan. Gassan is still in jail in Jason.

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