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For the two breasts of severe clapper for Obradovic

CSKA Moscow defeated Real Madrid in a 95-90 record, the final basketball at the Véteria-Garachi in Spain this year's Final Basketball Euroleague tournament. Actually, he stayed in court without the help of Clement Prefiliac, defending his league in the semifinal. In the 92:73, Federer Made Saljo Obadrock defeated Anadolu leaves. The third and final finals will be held on Sunday.

Coach Reala Pablo Lhasa Semifinals disappoint the remaining Slovenian basketball players in the European gold hunt for the season this season Clement Fuckin & # 39; In 2017 European championships declared that one of the golden heroes was defeated in the semifinal. An experienced Slovene basketball player played with a troboy. There he received a dramatic defeat. In which the Madrid team abandoned the hand and retained the European crown. Luke Dansic. In fact, he played a Slovenian passport in America. This helped Slovenia's European award, Anthony RandolphWith 22 points in 22 minutes, he got five jumps. He shines with the winners Nando De ColoReached 23 points.

In the European Championship, Federer, who finished 10th, was eliminated.

In the European Championship, Federer, who finished 10th, was eliminated.
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A legendary Serb without a tenth European title

Željko ObradovićFenerbahas also defeated an opponent from the tournament without a European title of Jubilee 10. In the first quarter, Fenerbahce wins and basketball players Anodolus is in the hands of Ips. Finally they succeeded. He was the best player of the game Shin Larkin, Anadolu won 30 points for the leaves, and seven more roundbands and seven assists.

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She is thinking about the same thing in 2017

Euroleague, semi-finals:

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The last ticket for the european quarterly tournament is the IFA basketball player



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