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Does the Huawei P30 Lite contain the needs of modern young people? – IT, cloud, computer news, information technology – Does the Hawaii P30 Lite contain the needs of contemporary youth? – Si21

On May 16, 2019, reporters and influential people presented the beautiful mobile phone of the new P30 series of Huawei P30 series. The phone in a series that kisses at affordable prices, but at the same time it's unusual abilities, which is a non-passive, non-lasting user, trying to capture every important moment in the phone's lenses,
Daily, merely by refreshing beauty of nature, or accordingly incredible, the best resolution, without interrupting or disturbing due to insufficient memory message: "Memory is full. Delete some files!" But at least a year, or a mobile phone is a phone that is intended to be used for selecting the future of the two upayeak What is the most important avin? We made a small survey of Slovak users, and some results were very surprising.

At the first point of view, modern society was not in the correct positions and values ​​and that the results of all the results showed that it was a content, and 16% responded by buying a phone when the design factor required lakhs of followers in the Instagram that only 1,090 people said. The most financial security and health of life is important. What was the results of the survey to show up yet?

We're younger than 25 years old, and we expect a better camera from a mobile phone. We are not wrong! It is not surprising that 58 per cent of the people used the phone to share their friendship with social networks. It is surprising that 27 per cent used primarily for photography. Make the phone a better photo without specifying with manual settings
Photographic knowledge is as important as 80% users, 60% users check the quality of the camera, check the wide range of camera cameras, portraiture photography and selfie cameras before buying a new mobile phone. Although often heard that we are living in the Swazi age, 96% believe that the phone is actually a high quality camera and not a self camera.

In addition to the high-quality camera, the long processor and the powerful processor for selecting smartphones is crucial. More than 60 per cent of people overhaul their battery over a day. Data is not unique, because how much of battery life can always be reached on social channels, viewing electronic messages, viewing videos on YouTube, and making high quality photos. Nobody wants to
Have an empty battery interrupted in an interesting photo session, or is your friends' activities going on on social networks?

Before we submit to the public for the survey, we decided that the format of the phone could be important as the type of extension in person's style, but we have not found research as such. Out of those respondents, only 16 per cent are exemplary. But if it is decided, 67 per cent will choose a big screen for their mobile phone, a circular shape and a soft case. Considering the effort to make the producer's appeal attractive, the market remains conservative
Black, and then blue. However, when Huawei's sales figures show, most Slovenians try to buy back the phone in a more backward and colorful range of colors.

The survey results show that youngsters are not willing to pay for phones, but survey results show that the results of surveys are replacing computers and tablets with an important place in the community. 31 per cent are willing to buy between 300 and 500 phones and 700 per cent of youth are to be reduced by 16 per cent. Experience of producers, the data of SlowWave's reasonable rationality,
Most mobile phones are sold through mobile operators. The answer will be that two years after the package expired, 40% of respondents answered.

What is the possibility of launching the Huawei P30 Lite phone when selecting the next smartphone?
The Huawei P30 Lite smartphone has three cameras. The main camera will have a 48-megapixel reaction. Two others have 8 MP and 2 MP API support (Artificial Intelligence). The photographs were shot to record the road blocks. This type of photographs included in the archive of new music hits and applications that produce life-sized and beautiful moments require memory
A lot of space. The issue is impossible due to the lack of a 128 GB internal memory as the P30 Lite arrives. Each user has a 3340 mAh battery and a fast charging feature that is fast and safe to follow the LifeLife Life style. Even with a small percentage of the phone's design, Huawei has a P30 Lite model: 84.1% of the front surface on the big screen at the treadmill
Fragrant smooth edges, black, pear white or furthest back beauty in the blue blue. The price of the phone also depends on the need for a majority of contemporary youths. That will be 379 euros. The answer to the headline question is, therefore: "Big!"

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