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Austrian subcontractors trapped in corruption allegations

Austrian Freedom Party president and Hansis Christian Stroch also tried to sign the IBSA in support of the presidential election. The Russian billionaire was supportive of this treaty in Austria. Can the Austrian government be able to do that?

Der Spiegel and Süddeutsche Zeitung published a video presentation today. Austrian Freedom Party is president of FPÖ, subcontractor Haynes Christstrecht A few months before the election of 2017, Russian billionaires were accused in a villa in Ibiza. At the meeting with the Liberals' leaders, he was a leader of the deputy group Johann Goodunus.

For assistance, it should support freelancers

Russian Russia was willing to invest heavily in the country as a nephew of a prominent Russian businessman. If the Austrian newspaper is purchased by Kronse Zecken and then supporting the freelancers for the elections, Austrian should make profitable transactions or public contracts. But in a trap unknown is not an anonymous person of a Russian businessman.

Martin Selner


Head of Adivasis from New Zealand called beer

He explained in his defense that he was only a private conversation and had warned him against all opposition to the Austrian legal system.

Opposition chancellor calls for taking responsibility

The opposition called for resignation. This relationship was disappointing with the Austrian government, in addition to the FPÖ, the People's Party, a coalition party. Head of the Austrian Social Democrats (SPÖ) Pamela RandyWagner Is Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kursa The responsibility of the allies has taken over.

Disclose illegal party funding

Strache and Gudenus, among other things, also mentioned the party's possible illegal illegal foundation, Der Spiegel writes. As they say, there are a few rich people who are paying between 500,000 to 2 million euros, but this money does not pass to the consumer budget, but is a charitable organization that is not associated with client. Therefore, the taxpayer can avail auditors' court judiciary.

The sources did not disclose the source of Der Spiegel and Süddeutsche Zeitung, but forensics video experts have examined the video.

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