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Artificial intelligence accurately transformed the glow of the pole

Huawei recently introduced the new Metro 20 Pro Ferry. To highlight its results in a very specific way and to demonstrate its performances in the artificial intellectual field, Huawei puts an artists in the team and gave them an exciting challenge: capture the noise of light. The technologies and arts that the project converges are completely new to the natural phenomenon of the Prine Star – the sound of light beauty.

Multi-mass co-operation has developed and developed artificial intelligence in the field of creating new images and creating new voice compositions. The participants did very difficult work. A polar brightness in Norway followed a need for a special artificial intelligence system at the Huawei Mate 20 Pro phone, which became an instrumentality that automatically identified their main features and then added them to a unique Symphony. At the end of the challenge, a group of artists created a more balanced experience, with the revamping of the Navas, Powertrain, or a language that never hears of the Artificial Intelligence.

Surprising Travel: A Dhur Shine from shooting to final performance

A fire broke out at Tromso in Norway and broke a polar light under the night sky. Records were sent to the sound studio as recording completed. There they used a special SIM intelligence system developed by Special Syndicus by music director Mark Saifitz and Huawei Mate 20 Pro phone.

One of the world's best music directors, James Sherman, was awarded the masterpiece of the music. This was a memorable organizational performance of the sound of light from the famous Brams Hall in Vienna. An inspiration for overall journeys and expectations has been used by artificial intelligence capabilities of Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

"The Sound of Light Performance, I wanted to create strong feelings for the audience, so they have a polished glow, artificial intelligence, Sound Shepherd and conductor James Sharman of Light Symphony said.

Unusual Activities: Mouth 20 Pro phones in Sound of Light Symphony

The city of Light Symphony needed a very powerful tool to be properly identified. The Huawei Mate 20 Pro proved to be an essential element in implementing the entire project. For the successful operation of the artificial intelligence system created specifically, it utilizes the result of its extensive activities. That's why the big credit was made to win.

Initially, engineers were given the responsibility of creating a unique artificial intelligence system that could be studied and analyzed by different bright colors. Music theories have learned how to interact with polar shadow images.

"My music down the artificial intelligence, are completely opened up new creative possibilities. The colors, size, shape, and an artificial intelligence system, such as the speed of analysis, the analysis can not be imported right now, I dhruvanaksatrattinre shots. On the basis of that he viewed, he is my musical phrases in different fluctuation S generates. Thus, recognizes the development of artificial intelligence, especially a dramatic effect on the light, it fits to reflect the voice of the intensity of the document. And, can not absorb the simphaniyilekk of these factors. Music director Mark Seafitz explained.

Music compositions made usually require very powerful computers in the intensive processing phase. However, with the help of a specific artificial intelligence system, the next generation has been replaced by the Matt 20 Pro. During the show, the phone loaded into the conversion synthesizers via phone, then the cinematic contained various music shades.

"Artificial Intelligence Development was one of Huawei's main priorities, and as with many other technologies of our past, artificial intelligence enables us to achieve the most recent achievements beyond our skills. Wang Yanmin, president of the Huawei Consumer Business Group of Nordic Regional Board, said.

Live Symphony in Vienna: Artificial intelligence, music, and polar scarcity one evening

Ask a question "How is the brightness of the poles?" An orchestra performance with the help of artificial scrutiny at the Musikverein Brahmas Hall of the concert hall in Vienna. Conductor James Sharman's Baton Concert performed at the Singrone Stage concert, which was a musical instrument.

Several media representatives and key representatives participated in the Huawei Sound of Light program hosted by Insa Sabitzer. Performances were highlights, and this magazine included an uphill film, which included the whole process for creating a beautiful project.

Researchers: A short demonstration of the main creators of Sound of Light Symphon

Scogly, Arora Henderson in the Cage: A photographer and a guided to finder polar gloss in Tromso in Norm. BB, 60 Minutes Australia, NRK Kejit helped the polar shadows of several media outlets. He played a pivotal role in finding a surprising polar shadow in the sound of the voice.

Mark Saifitz, Musician: One of the famous musicians, musicians, producers. Marc has won many awards for his performance in Audi, Nike, Levi, Reebok and NBA. Marx's role in the Sound of Light program was set in a special artificial intelligence system and placed in Symphony. His love for technology, knowledge of technology and music provider etc is valuable in the implementation of the project.

James Sharman was a conductor of British Conductor and Orchestra, which featured music in more than 80 films, including Harry Potter and Fireley, Beauty and Best and Manchester Market. The last art of connecting with an artist band, which was artificially connected, was the sound and sound controller of James Sherman.

Synchron Stage Orchestra: Synchron Stage Orchestra contains the most famous musicians from Viennaese Orchestras. The recording studio is synchronized in Vienna's hut. It organizes great orchestral divisions and introduces movie music. A great music expert based on the Film Music base and the ability to match the visual effects of music has played a major role in the performance.

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