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And they trampled on them. A Canadian Slowan against Google

Consumer organizations from seven European countries seeking to file complaints against State Information Commissioners against Google's Technology Technology Ground for breaching the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDRR). Controversial is how Google tracks the location of users.

Users must have control over their personal information. Google's misleading practices consist of restrictions.

Consumer Association of Minority (ZPS) has announced an appeal against Google. The information stored in the GPR headquarters was done by users. They want to file a complaint with eligible federations in ZPS, Norway, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden and Greece.

The European Consumer Association (Buick) has warned that "local data will be able to reveal much about users like religious political relations, health and sexual orientation," a German news agency P.

Google's developed Android operating system runs two billion smartphones globally. By doing so, Google uses various tactics to allow users to track location, but does not provide specific information about the switching feature. The collected data can be used in a variety of ways, including ads that are targeted.

"There are issues affecting all Google users in Europe, we have to implement these laws in a strong and coordinated manner, not to allow businesses to be legally legally enforced in the framework of their rituals, regardless of size or global level," he warned. Matjaz Jackin ZPS from the legal office.

The ZPS warns you how much you know how to collect and use their personal information by unauthorized activities. Additionally, users do not have the right choice to share location information with Google. ZPS believes that these activities are not compatible with GPR because they are not legally legal to process these personal data.

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