Thursday , September 29 2022

Tina, the unchanged resident of the mayors post: Citizens re-elected to the broker


"The question that I voted for is a question, we think we have moved this city for four years, and people pay attention and appreciate it, Brock said. When asked about his plans for the next four years, he should know first of what the city council would be. "It's good to be a mayor, but you can not even take it to a city, you have no support from the city council." The old Boss of Trnava explained. Mayor Mayor received 237 votes and 37 others, according to a polling station. Broccoli has been named Mayor of 2014 since.

It is interesting to note that since 1989 all the Mayors of Transvaal start letter B with a letter from a family. The first is Imrique Borboli, Stephan Bosnak. Prior to the brochure, on December 12, 2014, he sat down in Mayor's office in Vladimir Buto.

In this year's municipal elections Marion Galbabi (independent candidate), Rustaliv Miras (KDH, SJS, SDK-DS), Peter Ondreka (Independent candidate), Vanessa Schindrayira (Independent candidate), Peter Tosymes ( National Alliance) Igor Vallek (Smery Sd, SNS). Stanislav Jigmund, the first candidate of the Roman Communist party, was withdrawn from the poll. Out of these, 154 candidates are in the fray.

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