Tuesday , March 21 2023

This will happen in the universe if Mars and Venus transfer each other in the Solar System


The assembly of Houston Lunners and the Planetary Institute raised many interesting questions. The researchers have also observed the surrounding of the rocks in our solar system and the outside of it. They deployed the idea of ​​Mars to exchange with the Sun in the solar system. That was an amusement, but there were a lot of science in this interesting element.

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Earth's tent is one tenth of the Earth's. Both planets are common – they are not desertable. The surface temperature of Mars is 60 degrees Celsius, while Venus is 460 degrees Celsius. What will happen if these two planets change?


This will happen

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"If modern Mt is gone in the orbit of Venus, at least in terms of Earth's criteria, Chris Goswar said. Clomatoologist Chris Kolos of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies said. Mars has a thin atmosphere, the energy of the sun, and its magnetic field due to its loss. It is unlikely that the carbon dioxide will be released from Venus's position. This carbon dioxide is found naturally on the surface of Mars. If the planet's temperature rises, it will leave the atmosphere, which will slow down the atmosphere. If Mars is found on Venus, this phenomenon would have happened accurately. The atmosphere is almost no magnetic field. "Mars will become a hot rock" Kozos believes.


This will happen

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In the case of Venus, its temperature does not depend on the sun. Moving to the position of Mars will maintain the same temperature in its balance. After long time, the planet will become partially cold. It seems that the transit of Mars and Venus does not create a new world.

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