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The Slovak team in the Consoles? It's not dangerous, but it's a challenge, Ren Fazel says

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Ice hockey championship in Slovakia ends Only the final and the bronze are in the tournament. That's why World Championship was evaluated before the Real Fazel finals. The tournament won, but indicated that the cosine is not in the tournament format.

Finland will beat Russia and get gold again in Bratislava

The national team also played in the steel arena. Many people condemned the championship. Despite the slight increase in the winter of the Kosiest winter, 436,000 spectators watched Saturday, organizers expecting 450,000 fans.

"The atmosphere in Bratislava and Kosic was surprising, especially the East, we had a home team but it could not be dangerous, but it's a challenge, Bratislava Czech and Russia were here, especially created a special atmosphere, He is a 69-year-old fisherman from Fribur.

Stokes threaten the demands of Slovakia for organizing other world championships in the future. In the last two years, he has played 12,000 games in a number of games. Cosy is just 8,347 seats.

"The federation has already discussed, and the next World Cup will be held in Slovakia in 2026 or 2027, but it's at stake." Of course, we want the Kosi dam, this year it was just a borderline case. "

"I do not want to talk about a 20-stadium stadium, but if you want to win with another candidate, 14,000 seats are acceptable. Continued Ren Fazel.

NHL players in Olympics in Beijing

Fazal suggested that NHL players can participate in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. "On Friday, NONLPA executive director Don Ferromm spoke on the interaction of a new collective agreement between NHL management and the gaming association, which is a good way to discuss the new deal and also involve NHL participation in the Olympics."

"I know that NHL Commissioner Gary Butman hates Dealholes, but we can prepare a hockey tournament on the latest date of NHL participation at the Winter Olympics in September 2020. Nielh Hockey players are 100 percent interested in Beijing.

"We want to show our product at the highest possible level … I'm glad that there are many NHL players coming to the World Cup – they are not here for money – to pay their policies financially – ending their seasonal season with a positive attitude toward their countries."

We do not open the pandorine shell

Ren Fazel

Ren Fazel

Source: TASR

René Fazel wins the goal to check the goals in the gold field. In this year's tournament, the number of times the referees have been requested since the goal was later accepted. Richard Panick of the Czech Republic against Sweden and Thomas Tutare against Canada were against the opponent's goal.

"If we condemn the goal, we will basically kill the spirit of hockey, and we're not discussing when the player loses an empty target – this is a mistake, the reference does not need to be done."

"After a controversy over the NHL game, Joe Pileski has recently said," I think it's a game that will play badly, but it's a game that Pandora's boyfriend wants to decide on arbitrators, because they have a game, "said RN FF's chief executive René Fazel.

Although he has a great deal of effort to go forward, he will be back in office soon. The following year, his domination ended, and he admitted he would no longer allow the world to run the hockey head.

"I still feel some energy, but before they start to fire me," said Fazal. "You're good at going anytime, but I'm not leaving the whole of hacker."


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