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The real truth about influencers on Instagram: Erica admits that there are words that can be easily bought behind many recommendations


Instagram is not old now. There are many easy-to-buy words behind many recommendations. The orientation of the world is sometimes complicated. A little more on this virtual one. Sometimes it is overly colored, other times it is white and off-white.

Advertising attracts us from all sides. Whether it’s through social media, the media, newspapers, radio or influencers. A few years ago, Instagram became the best tool for many companies to make money. Influencers work on a daily basis, and the money that some companies offer them is often not allowed.

But how many products do influencers claim to be the best, really amazing? Erica proved that not everything is as it seems on social networks. Don’t trust everyone who tries to sell a product on Instagram because those kind words made a lot of money, so you think the product they praise the most is really good.

He does not lose himself, he adheres to his values

Erica Mokre, a blogger with a profile on Tak_trochu_inak, decided to share with fans a story that worries everyone, whether they are influential people who accept offers and collaborations every day, or who buy a product based on such promotion. .

Erica went through the most difficult period of her life, which is now associated with the most beautiful. Having won the fight against breast cancer, they are now waiting for a new addition to the family. Recently, she even surpassed the crown, so fate gave her a lot.

However, she adheres to her values ​​and saying no to cooperation is certainly a big self-denial, and even though they offer you thousands of euros, she has succeeded.

Despite having a huge commission for the product promotion, when she decided not to accept this offer, she added a photo that speaks to her experience. She explained why she did this in a post below the photo.

“Such a strange thing happened to me, I’m sorry. Someone else may say I should do it. Well, I’m looking at it, a little differently again. A few days ago, I got an offer from a cosmetics company. For six months of collaboration, several posts and stories offered me a sum of money. 3 zeros at the beginning, not the minimum number at the beginning. My dear friends, I only need to show you that I care for their hair with their products.“.

She continued: “I refused. Firstly, I have been caring for my hair with another brand I have believed in since I stopped chemotherapy, and secondly, because the texture of their products is like bacon is like an orthodox vegetarian. I do not like it, I do not like it,” she admitted.

She wanted to open people’s eyes with this post. Especially in this period before Christmas, when all companies are pushing their products to move forward and force them to talk about the best in the market. Let us not make ourselves sheep.

“Just because I write this for you does not mean I do not want to be praised. I want to tell friends, this virtual world is still only virtual. Behind so many recommendations are easy words to buy, sometimes easy, sometimes hard to buy people. Glad to receive a product recommendation and glad to get a discount. Well, believe it or not, not always, it really “recommends”.

She did not want to offend anyone with a post or become the captain of this system she uses herself, but she tries to do it with a clear conscience and only promotes really quality products, and she knows when to talk about them best so he thinks honestly and tests himself.

A similar experience is not only about her, but many influencers are all promoting it for money. Most importantly beginners are grateful for all the cooperation and the extra money is always appreciated.

When deciding on a person’s character, if you want to deceive people in general, it’s yours, but Erica wanted to point out that not everything that is spread on social networks is good. You need to not trust people who sell their accounts on the networks for various collaborations for financial gain and get information.

Everyone has a price …

Of course it is not easy to say no to a promotion that will get you thousands of euros. One must really have values ​​and self-denial. Erica knows what she believes and never forgets her values.

“I do not want to be hated, I do not want to be negative. I’m lost sight of why so many of them started writing and blogging here in the past, but now I see a shop window instead of looking at them in the feed. Because I know them and stand behind them. I think it has all its limits. But yes, everyone has a value. What is being questioned …, ” Writes more in the article.

“Orientation in the world is sometimes complicated. This virtual is a little more. Sometimes it’s overly colored, other times it’s black and white. It does not matter how many colors one can recognize. So, I want friends to lead you in this world. I still want a lot of common sense. Doing this with love and respect. Thanks to you and me for the bloggers and influencers. “

So, critique what you see on the networks, what to believe, and what to take with a pinch of salt. For each product that has some impact, first do a survey of what ingredients it contains, where it is made, or if you really need it. Don’t be fooled by the pressure on social networks. After all, not all products are amazing, can they?

It would be great if familiar faces used their name to do more useful things, to spread good thoughts, and to encourage them to do better than to encourage anything that comes into their mailbox. Of course, you don’t have to throw them all in a bag. Many of them do it honestly and with a clear conscience. That kind of praise.

Dominika Kavaschov


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