Wednesday , March 22 2023

The new SpaceX rocket will be called the Star Ship


A super heavy rocket carrier reaches it to space.

Within a few years, the first is the spacecraft missile to send to Mars. So far, the world's largest rocket, she has the internal fitness of the Big F *** rocket. At present, Elin Musk has announced that his company company, Starfish, is a starfish ship in tweets.

It will have two speed machines. The starskip will be marked as its upper part.

Elon Musk

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The bad year survived the musk. She may be alone

The first rocket carrier to be fully equipped with collisions from Earth's atmosphere is known as the superhero. The current state of the art rocket, Falcon Heavy, remembers this from the Space X workshop.

Moosakov intends to roam the moon on video:

Kastur had a small patch of twitters. If the machine does not really come beyond our own star system, then the name of the star is not exactly right. However, the SpaceX Boss opposed that the latter version of the computer would eventually do something.

The biggest one

In today's state of the art of development, seven engines and several large revolutionary floppies are used in diversion form.

Thanks to them, it is a unique way of landing. Along with the atmosphere, the ship turns out to be a skydiver and turns out to be vertical, as is common with the current Falcon Generation.

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