Tuesday , September 27 2022

The heat-resistant window film is designed to reduce the cost of air conditioning and help the environment


Up to 70% of the transparent transparency window can be boycotted to the film, so air space cooling is not expensive. Keeping gratitude for this invention is beneficial.

Scientists have created a movie that can be seen in the near future of a trend. The main task is to prevent heating in the room. In summer, air conditioning is often used to cool our rooms, but it's not free. Therefore, we will be responsible for protecting expenses and partially protecting our environment. In the atmosphere, we will release carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Source: New Interpretion / MIT

More than half of the sunshine is transparent to 32 degrees Celsius. When this limitation is over, it turns out, looks like frozen glass, but it can bring enough light to the room. This is the match of plain plastic packaging. Easily attach to the window.

In the past they have already tested, and now they have done it, and they are still trying to improve it

The researchers at MIT University have come forward to resolve this issue in confidence. The old inventions that were previously tested warmed up, and these new ones were not hindered. Scientists have identified the spheres contained in the water contained in the water contained in the length of the infrared radiation. The new film needs to be intensified by intelligent Windows. Nevertheless, they are regularly tested and modified to modulate its formula to improve heat resistance.

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