Thursday , August 11 2022

That is why people remain in unhappy relationships


When people think that their partner can not handle gauge, people will remain in an unfortunate relationship. New Psychological Research has been published in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Study shows that people are often unhappy because of the behavior of such individuals. Even a man who wants to relieve each other does not want to hurt another.

The first writer of the study, Samantha Joel, says:

More and more people believe that the partner is dependent on their relationship, and they are less likely to start a break. "

A total of 1,348 people surveyed for 10 weeks of research.

Joe's results explained:

"When people thought their partner was more committed, it was not possible for even those who were actually committed to this relationship or even those who were personally dissatisfied with this relationship would not have been able to start their own work, they want."

Others are worried that they can remain united and have no better alternative than any other reason to continue in unsatisfactory relationships. It is difficult to say whether it is really right to stand with someone for their good. It depends on how it relates.

Joel indicates that some people are dependent on their relationship. Joel says that there is a problem that people do not know about the precise understanding. It is possible that we can overtake our partners, and the misery of that relationship will not be painful as well.

Joel finally asks:

"Who wants a partner who does not want to be in a relationship?"

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