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Tesla has other problems: two firefighters and stocking prices – magazine – auto

Tesla Bose Elon Musk urged the company to improve the economy and enter the black hole. However, investors were not very satisfied. US producers' stock fell below $ 200

Close to two S models in Hong Kong

Recently two SV models
Hong Kong and Shanghai respond with software updates in the area
Charge control and battery temperature.
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The company's analysts' analysis will remain after the collapse in the shares
Welby has cut its target from $ 275 to $ 230. His concern
The Tesla 3 key model is also connected to the growth plan and demand of the company
The musk company and their company are expanding their activities in a very serious situation
Insurance, self-governing taxis, other sciences,
Instead of strengthening the Tesla 3,
To simplify business model and cost structure
Analyst Daniel Denis informs investors.

Tesla's share of the year has already lost over 40 percent. Stabilize the situation
Tesla S
From Hong Kong and Shanghai. This happened in parking lots in Shanghai
Batteries are burned and 30 minutes after parking. Sec
Three weeks after the incident, a fire broke out in Hong Kong. Since then
The fire had fourteen samples of 2013
Danger. Tesla responded that she was doing X and X
Please update the software in charge and temperature settings

Tesla plans to build 360,000 and 400,000 vehicles this year. With
This is very difficult for Eva. He is considered the best
The freemant is available from 3,000,000 cars
From 340,000 to 355,000 vehicles are not easy to sell
The first "horror" of the new mass of Tesla 3 design
Declines. Thus, it created another loss in the first quarter of 2019
$ 700 million.

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