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Pittsburgh reaches fifth place, tax – Colorado-NHL – hockey-sports



08.11.2010 06:47 Updated: 07:22

Sidney Crosby, Washington Capitals

Captain Pittsburgh celebrates Sydney's crossbow Washington.

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Washington hockey players beat Pittsburgh Pegines 2: 1

Stanley's current defense defeat was 74 seconds ago
Time of regular play J. Oshie. That's for the American striker
Eighth goal in season. Osha was eliminated in the second round
In a dressing room where jwgenjez mulkin had to give up a stroke.

A stick in Auli's defense in the Third Front
Määttä, it requires two stitches. "My face is not bad,
But I feel very nice. I do not know whether I've ever played a similar game
I am happy to return to the game after two interventions. I want to thank you
Coaches and doctors are all right, "he said
Ought for official league site.

Captain Alex Owickin was another captain of the capitals. Again penguins
In the prelude game, historically, 235 goals were scored
Moved to eighth place. In Pittsburgh's legacy, Maria Lemius is the only loser
One goal.

US team manager Braden Holti is out of 41 strikes
"Penguin" ended the series with three individual ODI losses. "Pittsburgh
well played. They have done everything truly, "he praised the adversary

Captain Sydney Crossby was a successful pitsburgh shooter.
Owañon and Crosby have scored goals in their career for the ninth time in the same career.
The goal-keeper was awarded with 20 successful interventions. Penguins
They played in the fifth consecutive match.

"Sometimes it happens, you play well, and there will not be any results
In our good performances. As a player I told the players, "he said
Coach "Penguin" Mike Sullivan.

Another Colorado War at Nashville 1: 4. Success
Preemptors organized by big cisons. Slovak striker Marco Danzo S
He could not get in there.

NHL summaries – Wednesday:

Washington – Pittsburgh 2: 1 (0: 1, 1: 0, 1: 0)
Goals: 28. Ovichkin (Carlson, Baxtström), 59. Oshie
(Carlson, Kuskinkov) – 13. Crossbow (Hagel)

Colorado – Nashville 1: 4

Anaheim – Calgary 3: 2

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