Thursday , August 11 2022

PC review | The patient's data will be unified in the new information system


Health care providers will integrate all the patient's data on the new information system for screening. This means that the e-health system with all the required information will work more complicated and more efficiently.

Today, the Office of the Slovak Republic Investment and Infotainment's Deputy Prime Minister has called the National Project "Online Ezdravia Processes" prepared by the National Project National Center for Health Information (NCZI). The amount will be allocated for the project 7 492 101 U.S.

The health care system affects each of us, depending on the quality we care about, and the health care spending on time. The main goal of NSEI is to develop multiple processes, the electronic form of online service is one of the tools to improve and improve patient care today.

National Health Care Register, National Health Register, or Health Care Registers – Nowadays the patient's data is available in various registrars. However, their work is limited to the need for an environment. There is no systematic control over all data, that is, totally different records in different places. They are not always up to date. Introduce new processes, generate tools for systematically clean data, and automatically generate automatic updates automatically. They will be registered with an information system.

The purpose of this scheme is to provide patients with their health records online EZKO books. PHealth care providers, health care professionals can easily search for patient data and write new information immediately. EZKO book That's it It will be available to a group of people in the electronic form of the most important patient Through the National Health Portal. There should be a national identification card with a security code and reader. Information will be collected from information networks, pharmaceuticals, outpatients and hospitals.

The EZKO book contains records and recordings prepared by healthcare workers so that they can know who wrote it. It contains the account details of the policy holder and his own records. A person who recorded it knows. The quality of care also improves, as health professionals are able to get the information very quickly.

The call to the national project and other details will be published on the website and May 20th 2019 will end.

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