Sunday , April 2 2023

Opening track when entering an account and savings


Bank 365. Bank has rolled out a leap lice on Monday. Slovenes can open the current account, there are not many products in the offer in the bank.


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365.Bank lets the current account be opened using a mobile application, and the banking system may not sign paper contracts or bank accounts. The bank account is linked to an e-mail address, and the current account agreement that directly logs into the application. "Everything that a person needs from a person is set up on mobile." First, the principle of mobile, there is no courier or no branch, the signature of the account when the account is created is directly in the application, and the bank's identity and client documents will be verified by a video call.

When you open an account, you must take an ordinary ID card. Although IDs are a chip, this solution does not communicate with mobile devices, so 365. The bank will not use it now.

"We start a new venue, first you can try MobileBanking every day: Your account is set up by mobile, different types of savings, pay-per-click, fingerprint signup, card blocking and mobile payment.The people always know how to spend the next payout with the mobile app Banks push Riyippukal way of communicating with them. A person who is quite a broad vision for the long-term goals in their daily costs. "CEO

The Bank has not provided any loans yet, so credit card does not exist yet, it's kind of a loan. In addition to current account savings are available. "Savings is based on two scoring rooms called Savings, ie non-centralized account or card rounding rounds." The amount paid to a client account or account will help save money from the surplus bucket, "the bank explains.

The 365th bank is the Poshova Bank Bank branch. 365. The Bank itself is a mobile bank without an ATM network. But ATM's ATMs and PAC terminals can be used free of cost. Overall, customers can withdraw money free of 1,700. Ticket prices for other ATMs and terminals will be 2.5 Euros.

An application has been released for Android apps and iPhone applications. At present, bank credit and investment products are prepared. Bank has worked in beta mode for several months.

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