Wednesday , September 28 2022

NASA warns: Three large asteroids on Earth are flying!


Scientists at the National Aviation and Space Authority predicts that there are three large asteroids near Earth. The largest of these was – 2018 VR1, measuring thirty meters. However, space boats are too small and are very far away from the earth. If you want to see them, you will need a moon.

NASA warns: Today

Source: Getty Images

The first approach will be around 2018 VS1, around the third hour of the afternoon. This asteroid is approximately 1,300,000 km away from Earth, and this impact is not likely to occur. After 16 minutes, 2018 flies around our planet mentioned by VR1. Its orbit is estimated to be 5 million kilometers away from Earth. The latest and closest asteroid asteroid Asteroid VX1 can be overridden, with our time before and after the seventh. This meteorite is less than a month away from Earth. When this distance seemed so great, NASA considered them "very firm".

"When surrounding the sun, objects near the sun may be near the earth." In the recent past of astronomical resource, from a general human point of view, the "far-reaching" Said NASA.

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