Thursday , September 29 2022

NASA raids have been conducted in Kasmarok


The judge sent three prisoners to jail.

The National Crime Agency in Kesso, NASA, last week raided Smithski and Alexander N. Kerrimarkin and Daniel K The district prosecutor presented the arrest of Mizos N to the court.

The judge has directed the judge to make a probe into the Zila court in Nova Vesa. The court pointed out that the crime in the long-run could lead to crimes. Ms. Pancurua, spokesman for the Kozelle Regional Court, said to journalists.

The defendant did not raise the defense proposal, nor did any of the reasons associated with a Probation Officer and a Central Asian official's written promise or supervision. On the day the prisoners were caught, the prisoners stopped their prayers. All the accused filed a complaint against the decision to take custody. The Regional Court of Kosice will decide.

A spokeswoman for the Cochisee regional prosecutor's office spokesperson Milan Filik said: "Crimes against drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs, illegal possession, crimes, crimes and crimes are prosecuted. The prosecutor advocated and justified threatening that the opposition would be free to influence the accused or co-users, and criminal crimes continued.

Selling drugs

Along with Malus N and his daughter Alexander N, Percertin is considered to benefit from Czech Republic and various sources for economic benefit since March of this year and then distributes it directly or through other people. Profit funds need to be divided.

In addition, Alexander N and Daniel K. The agreement was signed with the company. He entered the Parvati from November 7 to nine, and was later escorted to a passenger motor vehicle from a stranger in western Slavicia. On Friday (November 9), the nail was blocked by the car, and only one of the 44 convention single doses used in the drug was given by methamphetamine.

"Daniel is jailed for four to ten years, and for ten to fifteen years," Philo ended.

John Kusack's murder

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