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Mirror feed surprising Zvereva Tiff: The Bright Light of a New Generation of Stars


Alexander Suarev
Alexander Suarev

German tennis player Alexander Zweev won the ATP World Championships in London. Sania's partner Novak Djokovic and Sania Mirza lost 6-7, 6, 3 to the men's doubles final. The match lasted 80 minutes.

Suarev, 21, is the only German in history to win the championship. It was proved by two followers of Boris Becker (1988, 1992, 1995) and Michael Stitch (1993). The fifth player in the world has won his tenth position in the circuit. From 2008 onward he became the youngest player in the tournament for the Novak Djokovic.

Alexander Zweer's victory over Germany's tennis player in London Suarev beat Novak Djokovic in two sets. Championship championship was the first German to win Boris Becker since 1995. "In the last season of the season, Surev won his biggest prospect, said Boris Becker, a new star & # 39; Jonquy had a single defeat in London without expelling Novak. Suare is the best winner in the final. Novak Djokovic was surprised by Alexander Suarev, giving the upcoming tennis stars a new generation of bright colors. " At the semi-finals of the semi-finals in Germany, he was 21 years old in the semi-finals against Germany in defeating the Jebovik World Cup tournament against Germany. He became the youngest champion in the last ten years of the championship. So, the success of the successful character of Jocovico is not yet successful. Alexander Suarev dominated the final, and Joacho did not win the sixth title, the Federer did not match it.

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