Tuesday , March 21 2023

Microsoft is working on a cheaper Xbox without a disk drive


Next year, Microsoft must bring a new device without a drive.

Microsoft is working on the next year's spring Xbox One version of "Upgrade". However, this is not a disk drive, Thurrott.com has warned.

At the same time, a new "disk-to-digital" service will begin to convert some headers into a digital one. Your physical carriers will be replaced with virtual keys on selected stores.

They speak of price and cheap value Xbox One One X S should be a cheaper model.

Microsoft's X018 gaming was held in Mexico City.

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X018 Function: Microsoft found new trailers and purchased other studios

A new generation of new devices will come in 2020. According to recent reports Microsoft works in two versions New Console.

Players are not allowed to buy the store at the end of the store, but use the subscriptions in them Xbox game passes. The library contains more than a hundred titles and adds more. You can now test a euro in the first month of a limited operation.

See the new edition of the live game:

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