Tuesday , March 21 2023

Mickey Mouse celebrates its 90th birthday


The cartoon of the first Mariko rat was screened on November 18, 1928 – exactly 90 years ago.

Reuters reported on Sunday.

Is an American filmmaker, director, screenwriter, and animal walt Disney. It has become a symbol of entertainment industry in the world.

Michelle appeared on silver screen for the first time at Steamboat Villa on November 18, 1928 At the Universal colony theater in Broadway, New York. An 8-minute, black and white rabbit is deeply enthusiastic.

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Walt Disney Company, founded by Walt Disney Company in 1923, broadcast the program of The Merchis M Mouss Club in 1950-96. In 2017, it was reinvigorated by social networking opportunities in Facebook and Instagram.

At the end of the Mickey's birthday, a show has been opened in New York. Visitors can see pictures, photographs and monuments.

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