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Intel introduces new 5G model XMM 8160 – Qualcomm directly opposite to 6GB / S transfer rate | VoSveteIt.sk


War between Qualcomm And Intel Is changing. Intel Accelerated Development and Production is not likely to lead The newly built 5G modem, Carries the name XMM 8160 5G. The only new manufacturer in the industry is the direct competitor of the 5G model of the new Intel model Qualcomm.

Incredible transition speed

The biggest advantage of 5G technology is its speed and the lowest response. Smartphones, computers, laptops or mobile routers are protected by such modes, such as Ultra-Fast connection Intel New Modem. But what do we mean by becoming an even longer internet connection? 6 gigabytes in seconds Do you think we have a very respectable number in our opinion?

intel 5g Modem Emm 8160
Source: Intel

Small energy efficient appliances

The new Intel modem allows developers to create small, but especially energy-efficient tools. All modes of Intel's 5G modem have been used. Its multimed solution can be connected to a new 5G network and can be on 4G, 3G and 2G. As a result, the developers do not need to use 2 different modem modes.


The new modem must be internationally compatible with Intel. This solution is designed for all operators, smartphone manufacturers and OEM partners. Therefore, XMM 8160 mode should use all or more frequency bands (600MHz to 6GHz) that can be used in the future.

intel 5g Modem Emm 8160
Source: Intel

The manufacturer will arrive next year

At the first glance, the new intelligence from Intel is expected to expect, and new technology can not be utilized. The new Intel modem will enter the manufacturer only until the second half of next year. The first commercial 5G devices with Intel modem will come in the first half.

Source: Intel, Introduction Picture (Intel)

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