Thursday , September 29 2022

In the second stage of the tram line to Petržalka got a decision in the area


"A tram line extension project, Slovak Republic Ministry of Transport and the exhibition, according to a timetable approved by the European Commission to Petržalka. The process of design documentation for a building permit is currently in. After the decision of the area, a building permit application to follow the process Petržalka office building. Kettitavaka Sat after he received a permit, construction contractors, inkagrerrad Infrastructure Operation Program (opi'ai'em) through the application and the financial assistance that can be taken to obtain funding through the European non-ripheys resources. By 2023, implementation of the project until such time as projects funded by the opi'ai'ai, "said Mayor brarrislavayile Evo nasreareanal .

Jankko extends the tram line in court and dismisses the current traffic situation in one of the largest cities in Pepszcaq. The track is 3.8 km long and passes through Rusovská cesta from the center of the Costa Rica jacock at Jancoco Corta. Walking paths for bicycle routes and lanes and abattoirs will be built radially. Expected project cost is $ 114 million. EUR with VAT. At the same time, the capital city works in the development of the entire region leading to the new tram track.

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