Monday , May 29 2023

Gruhling Rector STU, Academic Senate STU Chairman to respond to Senate meeting


The Minister of Education, Science, Research, and Sports, Branislav Grahling (SAS), asked the Rector of the Slovak University of Technology (STU) in Bratislava Miroslavfiker and the STU Academic Senate to comment on the organization and course of the October 26 Academic Senate meeting.

The senators voted to remove the rector from office. This was stated by the Press Department of the Ministry of Education for TSR.

“Currently, the Ministry of Education only records the answers of the Chairman of the Academic Senate and does not respond to questions raised by him,” the Ministry of Education said. He is waiting for the response of the rector of the STU. The next step will be decided only after obtaining the opinion of the university.

On November 2, they submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Education to dismiss the STU rector. Its legitimacy must now be assessed. If the conditions are met, the proposal will be submitted to the President of the Slovak Republic, Susanna Čaputov. “The law does not set a time limit for the Minister to submit a proposal to the President of the Slovak Republic, which usually means that it must happen as soon as possible,” the Ministry of Education recently added.

At the end of October, the President told TOS that in his next steps he would consider all the circumstances of the STU Academic Senate’s decision and state his position on it within the President’s capabilities.

At a meeting on October 26, the STU Academic Senate approved a proposal to remove Rector Fikar from office. There were 42 valid votes cast. Three senators abstained by 25 votes to 14 in favor of the motion to dismiss the rector.

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