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Great wonder. Long-term Černákov lawyer runs behind bars

The former defense of Michaels Chernyuk faces the task of Frantisek Polak terrorism. Source: TASR

Bratislava: Francis P. Arrested in Special Criminal Court (STS) "Colonel". TASR ŠTS spokesman Katarína Kudjáková reported.

"The Special Crime Court Judge, Bensz Bistric, has been lodged in a jail by the Supreme Court of Scotland against the arrest of a Frenchman who is accused of capturing the culprits. He said.

Franticese accusation was the police's act "Colonel". "The National Criminal Agency (NAKA) investigator in the anti-crime unit accused a man of establishing, supporting and encouraging a movement to suppress fundamental rights and freedoms, protecting and expanding terrorist acts" The police said.

According to the prosecution port notice, the attorney Franathisek P. has been released by police and the other prisoners were freed.

Interview Video (Source: FB Police SR)

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