Friday , June 9 2023

Dominant Magela Shiffrin is surprised: I want someone else's drive


Yesterday at 21:30

American-famed Sciger Mayka Shafirin said she was ready to become a "follow-up" star.

It's probably a sports supremacist. It looks like they do not even have a problem to win in the upcoming race, which may not have been his favorite discipline.

This is confirmed in Italian weekend at the Italian Courtein d'ampès. Shifrine started unusual in the super-g of discipline.

At this time she had left behind her back. Its lead in the World Cup is currently outstanding. Before the second Petra Waldhwa, Shifrine, aged 23, had 596 points.

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However, in a CNN interview, she said she tried to torture a man she wanted to commit.

"When I feel like someone I'm likely to follow, I'm finding it a way to think about it, but when I'm driving, A resident of Colorado has revealed. At that time there was a lot of stress.

Magelia shuffin

Magelia shuffin

Source: Reuters

Today, it is confronting this. There is no discipline which can not concentrate on Shifrine's attention to the success of the record in history and new records. As CNN writes, in the past, it's a great pressing and even used to go back to the racing.

"I felt like I had a goal, and I did not hate it, there was a lot of pressure on my shoulder." Shiffin describes Lindsay von, another big skiing in the United States, Warne, who took over at the end of his rich career, has won 82 wins. Shifrine has won 11 times in the season 54 times in 54 seasons.

Lindsay Won believes that the immediate end of his life

"Whenever everyone talks about recordings, records, and records, it's very hard to focus on, but this year is fun, Starred American Smile, "I would like to talk about it, but I do not consider it a disorder, this is my credit for me and I do not have any pressure for it."

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