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Danish SVIN Laboratory returns to Bratislava. They will come again and again


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They are returning to Slovakia regularly, leaving the rest and playing at a bump, and are always the bands they can bring. An example is the Danish Triumph SVIN, the music program is independent and unpredictable. If you experience it, you can be sure that the second time you are excited again.

Thursday November 22 This will be their fourth concert in Bratislava and the third Great. Two years later, they returned to a group of alternative alternatives in Slovakia, but at the same time they began to showcase in the first year of the exhibition. Precise.

Formation Swing The intensity of Sony Youth and Ara Paure's fragile drugs and the madman are the result of strong African drumming. Danish musicians are close to jazz trials, but they report to pioneers of contemporary classical music. "Saxophon, clarinet, keyboards, a guitar guitar and a courageous drummer to survive. Live with an incredible breakdown, "says Tanashana Lhokha for the agency's organizers Something original.

Swing For the past two years, they traveled across Europe and participated in Roselyn's festivities. Good news for those who have seen them: come back with their new songs and their fifth album Virginia Cutts It came two months ago.

The Bratislava project will take place on Thursday with Fuji, along with them Lem, Tired of voice, breaks, break gates. Like they say, they like jumping on pedalboards like curly chamois, and honeysuckle a boyfriend. "The last chance to see us before it's cool." Finally, in winter, we record the brothel, and we'll play with our kid, "they call the game Lem Tana Lehhokha adds: "They play only unexpectedly, do not leave!"

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