Friday , March 24 2023

Children with special educational needs, surveys and other shortcomings have been shown


Bradislava, November 16: The 73,273 children with special education requirements in school are in Slovenia, 25,658 children in maternity maternity, primary and secondary schools. Children from socially backwardness and hundreds of children with disabilities. .

About 12% of these students have special education requirements. However, according to one poll, there are thousands of children who need more support in education.

"Although schools are willing to meet the diverse needs and recognize and empower the children, the survey faces a number of serious problems, one of the serious problems is the lack of teacher assistants, and 41% responded to the lack of teachers' adequate demands Over 23 per cent of the respondents are problematic. Mizoloawa Haplova said, "This will result in present-day joint press conference with the enlokolite.

Teachers do not have to act

Instead of sanctioning the Ministry of Education in the 2018/2019 academic year, only 2 845 for 5 845 teachers are allowed. The state budget proposal for next year is 642 with the help of teachers. Including school psychologists, special pedagogues, health, social teachers, or sound therapy.

"In addition, we do not have a high standard of support services, and there is a model for collaboration with the school and professional staff that can reduce the efficiency of their actions and increase the number of assistants and other professionals in the system" Hapal said.

The special pedagogues and scholars from Slovak Chambers of Teachers pointed out that the presence of schoolchildren should support all children, teachers and parents.

"This provides the defense of negative phenomena, early detection of risk and subsequent support, such as preventing interruptions or difficulties in difficult living conditions." Križo added.

Quality of services to children

Experts from inclokolin believe that teachers, children, and young people are capable of responding to the current needs of their parents. At the same time, they are not only promoting their own program but also the Constitution of the Slovak Republic and various international documentations, and they encourage the government to directly support their parents and teachers directly in schools.

688 Teachers from the model, primary and secondary schools, professional staff, pedagogical assistants and education advisors attended the survey.

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