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Andrei Versova was criticized: This fashion could not be paused out

The model and former Miss Andrea Verashevas prove to have fashioned on her little finger constantly. Her luxury dresses are always trendy and add to them, and she can play with the colors. By the opinion of many, the carpenter's master will sometimes lose!

Everyday, André adds a photo to her photographer. This proves that he knows fashion well, he likes it.

Not only fashion and fashion feeds provide feeds, it shows on shows regularly, and photos of fashion editors are taken in various magazines. And also the face of several brands. This does not mean, however, that she does not step down on occasions.

How always is everywhere

The former missile is often found in beautiful clothes (miniature bikinis, and sometimes sometimes) Boats, shoes and boots are an integral part of these. Although it likes black colors, it does not hate happy patterns.

"I love the colors, especially these days, if the sun is so few in our country, I like clothes that want energy and want to work …

Fashion is a game that should make us keen and make life more enjoyable … Of course, delicious and complicated, "Andre wrote.

That will not always work!

Last week, the model was criticized and published a photo. With a big eggplant for black designer clothes, she called her "dirty shoes" and went in.

In this way one will appear to someone else, but she is not one of those cats. Although the shoes are branded, her legs seem unexpectedA grave obscenity.

The fans reminded her: "Andy is good, but I can not enjoy the snakes.

"Other than the neck is better Those smiles are really scary, they make dirty legs. I like snakes, but it must be intelligent, "the other said.

Verešová argued that this is the most advanced trend, but her comments had immediate reaction to her comments. "This is a form of terror to me, I know it's a terrible hit now, but it must be blind. I'm trying to get in, but it's not worth it."

Andre should be deep, not all fashion trends stand for everyone, no price should be "fun"!

Although this team does not work, there has been a character for years. He knows what to do:

New photo of Verešová! Such a nakedness has not yet come, what will she show up?

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