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After three years of success by the citizens of Manifesto King: Maurento of Lisi Champion searched for advice


Players delight in Manchester City
Players delight in Manchester City

Manchester City's Premier League beat Manchester City in the 12th round against England 3: 1.

Manchester Derby started playing best "Citizenes" and did not allow him to bowl in the first half of the game, saying at the speed of the game. David Silva opened the score 12 minutes later and the manager managed to control the pitch in the grass. "We think our performance is not bad, but we've made a few mistakes that can be used by an opposing city, but it's our fault for our goals, but in the 80th minute we are still competitive but the third win in our network" reported that United Jose's words were muted. His admirers made just one shot in the entire dispute.

In addition to midfielder Paul Pogg, the Portuguese in front of the match also portrayed the Portuguese. In the previous Lij Championship, "Red Devils" challenged the Juventus Tour. "In the week we traveled to Turin and played against one of the world's best teams, the players were not just physically and mentally tired, we lost many of the forces we lost today, but the city played in a simple competitive Shaktar Donitsk, He said. Argentina's Sergio Aguero and Riyadh Mahrzamov did not hesitate to play in the second half of the season. In the next day, the city gave the lead to two goals. Frenchman Anthony Marshley is hoping for 58 minutes to get a 1 minute wait in the upcoming meeting.

But we have not played in the first half of the game. We tried to beat the ball. The game opened in the second. Our performance has improved. Sergio Agay helped us. Against a strong opponent, The British police are the coaches of the British Citizenship of Pep Guardiola and Citizen & # 39; To be called. Manchester City winner Ialke Gauntogan scored 6 minutes and 86 minutes in the final. "We have not been able to score more than two goals against our rivals Manchester United, today we have scored three goals and are satisfied with the performance" The German representative said.

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