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To improve motor activity, reduce stress on Parkinson's patients


Song of Parkinson's patients helps to improve mood and self-esteem. The study, conducted by a new pilot study in the Iowa State University (IUU),

The research found in the Society for Neuropsychology in 2018 reveals the early detection of vocalists as an effective means of improving the spots used by the muscles of the lungs in Parkinson's patients.

Elizabeth Stegomollar, Assistant Professor in the State University of Iowa, says that although the findings are preliminary, improvements from song partnership are similar to drugs.

"They watch each week better after the group to sing, they are almost like a little puppy in their time." They know they are much better, they highlight their attitude, "Stegomolar said.

"Like finger taping and gait, there are some signs to improve, the drug does not always respond, but they are getting better."

Stegomolar, a graduate of a medical graduate from Elizabeth "Bedi" Shertycliffe, an Associate Professor of Human Development Studies and Andrew Saman, In a therapeutic arithmetic section 17 players measured heart rate, blood pressure, and cortisol.

Partners have expressed themselves of pain, anxiety, happiness, and anger. Data was collected before one hour of follow session session.

The first is how the song influences the guards' rate, the blood pressure and the cortisol among those in Parkinson's disease. Although the study has fallen three degrees among patients, the primary information does not reach statistical significance, says Stegomolar. If there were not much difference in happiness and indulgence after the class, the participants were less enthusiastic and worried.

The findings are encouraging, but there is still a big question for researchers to solve: What is the mechanism for these behavioral changes?

Now checking for measuring measurements to measure oxytocin metabolism (hormone associated with bondage), inflammation (an indicator of developmental change), and neuroplastiatis (ability to compensate for brain and disease). If these factors are able to explain the achievements of the land.

"Cortisol is going down because we can see singing hormone and oxytocin, because the singers do not have to sing with others in the crowd." Shortscliff said.

"We're just watching the heart rate and heart rate diversity, that's how calm and physiological you can tell us after the person's song."

Parkinson's disease is expected to double in the next 20 years. The researchers say the Treatment Song is a simple treat that helps improve motor symptoms, stress, and living conditions for people with Parkinson's disease.

Source: Iowa State University

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